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From law firms collecting evidence for a court to private individuals with sensitive personal matters, we handle every different job with care and confidentiality providing the solid information our clients need.

Based on the Northern Beaches, our team includes former law enforcement officers and specialist female investigators who are experienced in all areas of personal investigation and always operate discretely with sensitivity.

Our skills include forensic analysis, bug sweeping and high end technical and physical surveillance.

Personal (Cheating partners)

Are you worried your partner is cheating? Are they suddenly away on work trips a lot? Secretly hiding credit card bills or their phone? Or paying more attention than usual to their appearance? A cheating partner ou have the right to know if your partner is unfaithful.

We can help you uncover the truth. With our highly discreet physical and technical surveillance systems, we can save you time and heartache, finding the evidence you need and the comfort that comes from confirming what you suspect.

Missing persons

People go missing for many reasons, and it can be an extremely stressful, confusing and upsetting time. Locating them is vital to ending the uncertainty.

Whether it’s for personal, family or business reasons, we can quickly locate persons across the country and overseas using leading databases, high tech surveillance and our extensive network of investigative agents.

Identity theft

Identity theft is the type of fraud that involves the theft of personal information for a benefit. It’s disruptive and can be financially devastating.

Our specialist team will use surveillance and investigative techniques to uncover who, how and when your identity information was stolen to provide evidence to authorities for financial recovery and to stop future misuse of your personal information.

Forensic & arson

Whether it’s for private clients gathering information or investigating a claim on behalf of an insurer, we work closely with the state fire services to collect evidence and provide an independent and comprehensive investigative review

Child custody & child support

With these types of cases often disputed in court, whether it’s child welfare, shared custody arrangements or a new guardian, it’s vital to get the evidence and facts you need to support your case.

Using covert surveillance, we can discreetly monitor your child’s activities under the care of a former partner as well as perform background checks on new guardians.

Employee background checks

It’s important to know who you are hiring. Without the due diligence in employee screening and verification, you could be dangerously exposing your business and its reputation.

Our investigators will give you the confidence you need by confirming personal identities, uncovering any omissions or false information as well as review of social media, financial standing and association memberships.

Drug use & teens

When you are a parent, the worry never seems to end, and concerns about teenagers using drugs is one we all share. You may have serious concerns about your young adult now – their behaviour, school or work performance and maybe, an unexplained need for money.

If you suspect your teen is using drugs, we can help with surveillance and find the answers your family needs.

Court document service

Fast and reliable, we serve all types of court documents throughout Australia. For complex or difficult processing serving, we utilise our strong background in SKIP tracing to locate people swiftly.

We have access to the leading databases and use both physical surveillance and a discreet and persistent investigative approach.

Store detectives

Store detectives are clothed operatives specialising in loss prevention by identifying theft by either staff or members of the public. Our highly effective team of licensed investigators use methods of physical surveillance and patrolling as well as the latest in surveillance technology to reduce loss at warehouses, stores, factories and shopping centres.

Insurance investigations

We protect insurance companies against deception and use our investigative techniques and strategies to examine all sorts of insurance claims that are suspected to be false – public liability, medical, worker’s comp, property damage, and much more.

Elder/ disability abuse

Ensuring our loved ones receive respectful and dignified care they need is paramount. If you have any suspicions, our surveillance team can get the information or evidence you need to make the best choice for care.

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